REALITY CHECK! Our fight against Galamsey

Having a very heartfelt discussion with a friend today, I was hit hard by a thought.

In one of Caleb Kudah’s episodes of ‘About Town’, he chanced on an environmental health officer who was doing his work of enforcing environmental laws within that community. He went on to interact with the man and in the course of that he made a revelation that was quite appalling.

He revealed that as a health officer working under the assembly, he received a wage that was less than hundred cedis a month! The issue moved from alarming to worrying when the man added that even with the meagre salary, it wasn’t coming on time and had some months in arrears.

Then this is why the discussion I referred to earlier resulted in a thought that hit me. If a government worker or someone working with an assembly will receive this meagre salary that is less then an accumulation of the daily wage rate which is some 10+ Ghana Cedis, how do we expect a Galamsey labourer who receives an average of 30 cedis a day to give that up and go in search of an almost non-existing job that pays lesser.

Many have opined that if these individuals involved in Galamsey should stop, they should be given an alternative source of income. Though a very good suggestion, let’s not forget to add however that their remuneration must be addressed because they are milking much money now. They will not, just like any other meaningfully employed person, want to go back to another source of income that isn’t only enough but doesn’t even come on time.

As it stands now, we might not be giving them a better option; reason to their continuous indulgence. Adding my voice to this fight against Galamsey, I believe it needs an all-round-participatory-bottom-up approach to be properly dealt with.


Originally written in 2018…

With credits to the Ghana Institute of Journalism through Mr.Philip Atawura (one lecturer of a kind), I got to understand more about the world’s classifications in 1st,2nd and 3rd worlds. Something I had prior to this only always heard and read about.

Delving into this topic, one gets to understand that other countries are far advanced than others because they are able to;

i. Study, understand and solve the problems in their environment and

ii. Produce finished goods out of raw materials gained from nature which gives birth to massive industrialization coupled with urbanization and it goes on and on.

In the end, one realizes there are some practical measures to be taken in order to see change for the best.

Looking at how Europe for instance had to grab the pieces left from the damages of World War 1 and 2 to make the best out of themselves again, Africa, which has seen nothing like the world wars but happens to still be in the 3rd world category can do better.

When the journey to rebuild their countries began and Europe was growing steadily and eventually grew, they thought it wise to involve those of us in the third world.

This was around the early 20th century through to the mid and late 20th century and still in the 21st century.But what is the difference between these two periods; 20th & 21st?

Whiles a reversal to those times will hit us with highly primitive living standards which meant less integration; a forward movement to this current time and beyond gets us to higher levels of living (technological living) which directly has helped a lot in integration.

Today, people from these two distinct world categories (1st & 3rd worlds) are able to integrate highly and closely due to this same technology.

This same circumstance also means that whereas it was hard to learn from and exchange ideas on the best ways to move forward as a continent, it is far easier now and we all can attest to that.

From Facebook to WhatsApp and beyond, we get strongly connected to the minds, inspirations and motivations behind the “heaven” a lot of us seek greener pastures from; EUROPE.

But the question in the end is; how useful have we made this opportunity to ourselves? When today, the interaction with these advanced parts of the world have become very easy that we can learn and implement more? What are we doing?What are you doing to help take mother Ghana from where it is now to where we always dream of taking it to?

When will we not have borrowing of money as part of our budgets? Sometimes I wonder; ” so does the United kingdom, go round countries seeking financial aids like we always do?

The New Order of Kokromoti Power

In this new order, bearers of the precious power do not sit aloof and wait to be informed, they get themselves educated on matters to contribute where they can.

In this new era, details of state contracts are not known to the politicians alone. We all have an interest in it, want to know the details and suggest the best alternatives where need be.

Over here, the chapters, paragraphs and articles of the constitution aren’t known to a certain group of educated elites alone.
They are known to all.

Knowing that the Kokromoti stays the only validation for new leadership, the Kokromoti bearers can take your words hook, line and sinker but be sure to knowte (know and note) that you will be held accountable for your promises and words.

This new order was taught taught patriotism, resisting oppressor’s rule and the rewards of toiling for a good cause even if it came at the cost of shedding blood. Today, they are more than poised to live that which inspired them.

This new order has seen much of the system that plays out in other jurisdictions that make it work so well that we are attracted to it. Today, we are more than ready to put in the needed work to see ours work too.

As such excuses are no more welcome. It is the work and the results that keep us interested and following.

The best way out?
Tell us the truth about the situation.
Bring all aboard and show commitment to getting to the bottom of issues.

Don’t let the bearers of this power feel cheated at any point in time. Be truthful to them and save them the barrage of political shinanigans.

Lastly, let the system we create through the laws work as they should. No one should get in it’s way. Just like getting in the way of a moving vehicle is disastrous, getting in the way of a system created to ensure fairness and justice is equally disastrous!


PICTURE CREDIT: Knowing the vision and walking with it has been achieved if you focused on it. But as the days turn to weeks and months the journey gets tougher and you possibly thought of giving up, having a second thought if that is your path to fulfillment, if you are good enough for […]



What disappointment you get when what you expected to go well rather deteriorates. What’s more sadder is when it involves people or individuals who are in a very good position to solve the matter. How! Isn’t it very saddening that the only body that was formed out of the action of students, who sought a genuine course to see fellow students under the best of conditions every student needs, rather become a ground for litigation?


This group claims leadership of NUGS for the 2018/2019 administrative year

The National Union of Ghana Students, which was formed by students decades back saw students getting reliefs to their problems over the years until recently, when some few students have made their personal interest cloud this objective. Today, NUGS lies in tatters as leadership has year in year out faced crisis. Everytime, there are two different leaderships for NUGS. Today, the saddest news hit me as I found out that, it has now grown to three different leaderships. The more heart breaking aspect is that nothing was heard about these (in relation to the lay Ghanaian student) from aspiration level down to elections and then inauguration. How can one student front have three different leaderships when today’s Ghanaian student knows nothing or very little about it? It will interest you to know that there are a lot of tertiary students (where NUGS is very loud even though the Kindergarten student falls under their purview) know nothing about a group called the ‘National Union of Ghana Students’ which has to to see to their well being.


Another faction claiming leadersip of NUGS for the 2018/2019 administrative year.

And if any student (tertiary student) cares to know, the SRC-dues we pay in our institutions always has percentage-cut that goes to support the works of NUGS. This same National Union of Ghana Students has it strongly stated in its constitution that it is a strictly non-partisan body.

Chapter 1,Article 4(a) of the NUGS constitution says “NUGS is a democratic, non-partisan, independent and progressive Mass Movement of students in Ghana and Ghanaian students abroad.”

Yet still, that is the easiest association it has today. Everyone knows that all of these power struggles is as a result of the infiltration of national partisan politics. It always occurs that there was one faction aligned to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and another aligned to the National Democratic Congress (NDC). With today’s front having three different leaderships, I hear two of them are linked to the NDC whiles one is linked to the NPP. How true is that?

One almost forgets his or herself in this conversation whenever the issue of partisan alignment comes in, as to whether it is true or not, but the point here is ;”NUGS is supposed to be non-partisan”. I’m sure by now the media is even tired of us and this matter. This is so evident to the extent that, in an effort to find out how true the news was, I found no article or news story talking about the fact that there has been elections in the National Union of Ghana Students. We are always going back and forth on this. Students who should know better because history has taught us, rather exchange blows at the premises of these stations that sought to bring this matter to the table for some reasonable conclusions to be met. Who would like to do this back and forth that each and every one knows an amicable conclusion can be met? The last time I was priveleged to attend a NUGS congress meeting, I was down hearted. How that we sat for hours but could not just agree on anything. It was a sordid site to behold. A power struggle that I have known whiles in SHS or before, still holds and has now gotten deeper.


This group also claims to be the leadership of NUGS for 2018/2019 administrative year

So what’s next? Five fronts? If indeed, these factions are aligned the two major political parties but now has three different leaderships (still aligned to either the NPP or NDC) and has two of them at logger-heads but aligned to one of these two political parties, what future lies ahead of this political party? Is Ghana going to see a political future like this? If that is so, then we better start advising ourselves from. By now, NUGS should have been able to deal with the duplicity in student association groups (Blocs).But for the leadership crisis, this problem still persists. The Ghanaian student today has a lot of problems that a properly functioning NUGS should have been able to deal with. Fees are rising unconditionally, quality education is still in the shadows due to some issues that NUGS per its structure could have dealt with through research; School authorities keep on strangling students in many ways that a strong body like NUGS would have been able to deal with. Are these not the reasons why NUGS was formed? Are these not what we pay for with capitation and others? But all we continue getting is deeper cuts in this same body that is supposed to champion the demands and needs of the Ghanaian student. I thought Mr.Kabu Nartey (embattled/co- General Secretary of the 2017/2018 administration) told me that there was a unity agreement ongoing that will see this leadership brouhaha stop. What happened to that?Ghanaian students need to be treated way better than what we are getting now.

It is best we sound this call to all parties claiming leadership of the one NUGS we have that;

  1. NUGS just like Ghana is no one’s private property
  2. NUGS is a non-partisan body.
  3. NUGS is for the same students who know nothing about it.
  4. Ghanaian students are better off without a union that is not united.

All I want to hear now is for all SRC’s to follow the University of Ghana’s lead in opting out of this association that is run with our monies until proper resolutions are met.



Service to man is the greatest endeavor any human being can get involved in I believe. Especially where we know that there is no one who is an island of a man here on Earth. In fact, everything we do just like indirect tax, ends up affecting someone or something somewhere.

In the year 1957 on the 6th day of the month March, Osagyefo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah together with his cohorts of freedom fighters declared officially Ghana’s freedom from the years of imperialism which in turn consolidated the great fight of Independence years before even he was born. Had this gain not been reached and everything left as it was, we would still have been under colonial imperialist rule. Inspite of this, you would agree with me that many of us in this generation (at least from creche to the university currently) did not come to meet either Nkrumah or any of his colleagues before or after league of freedom fighters. And as a matter of fact we will not meet them physically here on Earth as long as we live. But one thing is sure; the Independence they won us as a country has run down the many generations up to us and surely those after us will also enjoy same and even more.

But had these men whose blood and toils for our freedom as a nation is epitomized in the red of the national flag not done what they did, would the story have been as it is now? Obviously No! Imperialism would have been the order of the day. Thus, the good works that were done before us really are good because we are benefiting off them. They(the many freedom fighters) have really not just served humanity of their generations alone but beyond . This is what I believe the many efforts in our country’s system of education seek to instill in us, that we all shall also be patriotic to our country especially as it indirectly is of immense benefits to the future.

Sadly, I share with many a scare at times, when I think of the things going on around us today and how they will make our future if care is not taken or should I say if the right things are not done. No! Let me put it this way; when you and I, who are going to be the fore-bearers of tomorrow don’t do the right thing of making sure that everything falls in it’s rightful place starting from now.


Many are the engagements of our leaders (in any sphere you can think of) and the hazards they might be to us one day. Are we sure the rate at which the mighty odums,sapeles,Wawas and mahoganies are cut down isn’t alarming? What about how you have all too soon made indiscriminate littering a part of our wonderful indigenous culture? What about how the borrowing prowess of the changing scenes of governments have become “toutable”; that worth the praise? Should we keep still at the level at which the law is seriously breached in every corner making it bleach with disrespect and disregard?

There are many things that go on around us that we must make sure are done right no matter how painful reaching that point is. It is and will be worth it, should we change massively. If we do not take care we are only being raised to become repairers of the same many things we could have stuck to our guns of right and proper and indeed get solved. We must do more for the future. Enough of the selfishness of thinking about ourselves only.

We need to sit up. We need to step up. We need to stand and make the many things we’ve been taught to do and grow into as true and positive citizens come to pass.

We can.

We should.

I will.

Will you?

I don’t want to be a repairer when I can be an inventor.


As a basic human right requirement, every human being by virtue of possessing life has the right to speak freely. At least here in Ghana and most parts of the world this is a major tenet in the governance of the country. This law has helped us all in diverse ways especially as we all are able to partner in the governance and development process. Through this, we are all able to help raise our dear motherland to the pedestal we want to get it to.

Before I continue however, I would like to reiterate how important it is for this law to be upheld by each and every country and also how important it is for us all to hold on in all goodwill for our various countries. The akan adage that says; “Nea otwa Kwan no nnyim d3 n’ekyir akyea” which can literally translated as; “One who cuts the path knows not that the path created behind as s/he goes is crooked”. This adage so underlines the need to allow all to be a part of making our country great in the area of governance especially. Invariably, we all are to serve as ombudsmen in one way or the other to help our leaders go the right path.


However it becomes very worrying when we use this freedom in a way that distorts the right issues to be discussed, distorts important moral tenets that we all agree are of need to each an every citizen to uphold. Talk of respect, wise talk and all.

One of the saddest thing you would be broken-hearted to see especially on social media (which has helped us get so close to governance in the area of sharing ideas that should help get things better) are the barrage of insults that issues which need proper attention are attached with.

A weeks ago I met one on Facebook where the president’s personality was attacked badly by a citizen whom I believe should have known better. The saddest part is that this thing as bad as it is went on to distort the whole issue that is at hand and needs to be tackled.

My school, the Ghana Institute of Journalism, has over the years had a problem with space as the current campus is so small for the number of students admitted. There have been many calls by students, alumni and all whom this concerns for the governments to intervene; especially based on the fact that there is a new site that has been under construction for about two decades now. The Activism of the students (which I am proud to be a part of) got us to a landmark point where we had the 2018 graduating class having their congregation at this new site where the president registered his presence. In his speech, he promised to act on many of the issues(more on them in subsequent issues) that we have been fighting for for years. And at this point I will like to remind all the students especially the activists in GIJ that “the job continues” and we must make sure that this does not become a “promise and fail” affair. We must continue with our Action and Advocacy(Actvocacy) till we see results.

As this news came,I read on, and a comment I saw was so saddening. And I ask myself; “Is this how we were taught to become good citizens?”, “Does politics mean disregard for morals?” and “does opposition mean hatred?”; these we must answer. And I know we all know it’s a No! No! Even if you don’t ; trust me, it’s a No! No! Ghana, our beloved country gets nowhere with this!! It does no good to anyone? To the students who still study under trees or even in the scorching sun? It does no good to that equal citizen of Ghana who is in need of the electricity you have readily available to you and waste. The pipborne water you have flowing into your home that others on the other side still have to share the same water with cows and other disease infected animals on a daily basis. Need I go on?

If I go around throwing jabs and insults here and there, when we have people in dire need of things that we as ombudsmen must put our leaders on their toes to provide; how good am I then as a citizen? How do I help them? Why promote hatred.

Now have a look at this;

The post on the president’s Facebook page;

“On Friday, 3rd August, 2018, I attended the 12th Congregation of the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

I urged the graduating class to be the generation of Ghanaian media practitioners that refuses to be either victim or pawn, and accepts to travel down the path of genuine popular enlightenment, which represents the strongest guarantee of our national independence and sovereignty.

Freedom of expression, encompassing media freedom, is a critical element of that journey, which they must help guard jealously at all times.”

And a “citizen’s” response;

“Please… Rabies infected dog, stop misleading the people.

A president that is always being #MISLED and #UNAWARE of happenings in HIS/HER country don’t deserve to be a president.

This SuperDog is unfit for the job. He is wrecking this nation apart with his cult of corrupt family and friends appointees.

Disgraceful president, stinking of corruption all over. What a shame having this SuperIncompetent dog ruling this nation.

U must be impeached ASAP.

Shame on u.

This can only happen in Ghana.”

Infact, my heart is always broken when I read this post. It is very sad that this should go on.


Now this will be distorted to a range of bantams on the comment this citizen posted, then the core message in;

1. The need for the up and coming journalists to do true work as they have been trained to do, and not to serve as people controlled and

2. Paying attention to the details of the things the president said in his speech especially bordering the spacial and administrative problems GiJ students face each day are all distorted.

I ask once again; “Is this what we want?”

Let’s advice ourselves and do better. For a fact, I know that the president as we have seen here is not the first person to face this nor is this the first time this has happened. They happen every now and then. They are quickly becoming the norm of the day and again; “Is this what we want?”. Be a good citizen

Sincerely a true and proud citizen,

Citizen Swanzy,

Founder: The League of Reformers (The LoR).

NO ONE BUT YOU (Upclose with Anas Aremyaw Anas)

Dear Citizen;

I hope the last letter that was sent to you has been very well noted and that we are going to go by the things we learnt to make sure together,we will do greater things as we move on. Today, there is another important call that has come our way. It is one that needs you and I to be very well adherent to and move on. We are also going to have a guest who will tell us more about what we are going to talk about. Our guest is an award winning Ghanaian investigative journalist who has impacted the world so much through his works. Come along and lets us have a great time of motivation,inspiration and plan a great tomorrow.

Listening to the lyrics of the patriotic Ghanaian song, “As3m yi di ka” one rime on the radio,I was really charged.

The lyrics says;

As3m yi di ka (2×) This issue deserves to be said

Hena b3ka Who will say it?

the next line says

Obra yi di b) (2×) This life deserves to be lived

hena b3b)? Who will live it?

then the next;

Edwuma yi di y3 (2×) This work deserves to be done

Hena b3y3? Who will do it?

In all these calls, the response that comes is;

Me ara O! Me ara Me OH! its me

3nny3 obiara oo me ara No one else but me

A lot of us Ghanaians have heard this song over and over again but have we taken a second or two to answer theses questions? The question I ask myself is; “So this song lives and mother Ghana is riddled with all the injustice,indiscipline and unfaithfulness on a daily basis?”

The words in the song above asks us a question of the what you and I should do in the face of irregularities in our society. That there is a particular work that is to be rendered to the nation and who is supposed to do it? That something has to be said about this situation that is crippling mother Ghana so much but everyone seems to be quiet about. That there is a particular life that you and I must live to make mother Ghana great and greater: but if you and I(children of mother Ghana) are not ready to live it, who should? Of course dear citizen, no one else will do that except you and I.It is so sad to hear that the people we have entrusted our fates with are rather failing us and are putting our fates in jeopardy. As we go on, we will get to know one very big and sad revelation our guest will make today. This was from an interview he had with another award winning Ghanaian journalist who is also pushing the frontiers to make positive change; Mr.Jefferson Sackey on his flagship show ‘Jefferson Sackey Reports'(JSR).

These two journalists (Anas and Jefferson Sackey) are without doubt two great assets of mother Ghana as they have made great impacts of positivity to our society. They have even been able to go beyond the borders of the country and are now touching the world. This is because, my brothers and sisters, they saw something that deserves to be said and said it. There was a work that should have been done and they willingly did it and there was a life that deserved to be lived and they willingly lived it. Today, they are changing lives all over the world. This is how mother Ghana trained us to be and we must make sure to live it.

The time is now! We must not postpone it, it is now. We must start living it now. Again, the time is now to get into what really moves this great man; Anas Aremyaw Anas to do what he does and why he does it.

I believe that this is same with all professions. What is the point in doing what what you are trained to do as a way of service to humanity whiles you make a living of it but does not affect society positively? We must make up our minds that we will serve man and country through what we do. It begins with no one but you.

If you do a work make sure that it is well done. We must make it a point to do away with all those times of shoddy works. The days of “it wasn’t initiated by this government” must end. A lot of good works have started all around the country but have unfortunately stopped because of partisan politics. Let’s remember that we do what we do for the citizens and not a political party or a group of people. We must say what needs to be said,do what needs to be done and live that life which needs to be lived with one mindset of doing it for the best of mother Ghana.

We are the ones who best understand what we do and how we do it. We must therefore spearhead all that must be said and done and live the life that must be lived with all faithfulness and loyalty to mother Ghana. We are and have the requisite knowledge and power to do and do very well.

One of the problems that mother Ghana is faced with especially in terms of administrative works is the inter-agency collaboration in their line of duty. For reasons best known and explained by these agencies, collaborations that has to be done by both sides to get works done is sometimes a problem. But moving on, we must make it a point to know clearly, first of all what each and everyone does, at what point in time one is supposed to come in and finally enhance the collaborations to get works well done. It begins with you and I.

It is very important you and I begin to preach the values and tenets on which mother Ghana was set. These include loyalty and faithfulness to nation, service, patriotism, holding in high esteem the heritage won for us, unity and all the rest. But before we do so, we must examine ourselves to see whether we first of all pass the test? Remember, it starts with you and I. It would be very bad and sad if you and I are to just talk the talk and not walk the talk.

Change is what the country needs in all aspects of its life. Especially the change that comes from a transformed mindset to do exactly what you know very well is right for the good of all. Positive Change is what we need at all times. We are all looking up to each other to make that change happen in the corner where we find ourselves.

For a surety, the good works that you do selflessly for mother Ghana will in the end pay of. There surely will be a time the world and everyone will say “thank you”.

In doing the great work you do for man and country, there will be a lot of setbacks from people around us who think otherwise of going the right way. Our works must be beneficial to the least of persons in every corner of the country. Everyone matters and deserves to be treated right just as you want to be. The people first! That is what leadership is about.

Children are amongst other things the ones the elderly must dearly protect and nurture to become great and illustrious sons and daughters of the land one day. What is the point here if you call them “future leaders” and rather cripple their future through the work you are to do to ensure a proper future? That building you are erecting but are not going by the rules and regulations can have a toll on their education,that action you put up and are making them learn from will have a negative effect on our systems one day should they be at the helm of affairs; the cruelty metted out to some of them just diminishes their outlook on life not to talk of they having a great positive impact on it. So the next time you are doing what you do,ask yourself if it will put a smile on their faces?

For the very best of our country,we must make up our minds to rebuild all the has been lost to the unfaithfulness and disloyalty of those who have left of seeing to it that things gets destroyed. We must make up our minds to build. I urge you not to give up the course of building what has been destroyed. We need it rebuilt. Good men must build! The world counts on you to build.

One thing to be certain of is that,you aren’t doing what you are doing just because the law or God or we all say you should do it that way; but because it is a plus to yourself. What do you get from people crying,suffering and being treated with gross injustice because of you? Like the holy book(the Bible) says; “do unto others what you want others to do unto you”. Let’s begin to do whatever we do by putting ourselves in the shoes of those who will taste the effect of what we are doing. Do it good and it will be good for you. The business will thrive the more,you will get more contracts,everyone will like to work with you,buy your products and all that.

Now to the shocking revelation Anas Aremyaw Anas made concerning his next work;

(This is where he talked about the yet to be released ‘Number 12′. A that time no one knew anything about it,not even the title.)

The work hasn’t stopped yet. Never stop,go on with the good work for man and country.

One thing we should never forget in all that we do is to follow the footsteps of those who have by all standards done a great good job for man and country. In setting the new standard to be able to build even where destruction has set in,we must learn from the good steps of others who have been there before us. We must learn from their mistakes as well as their successes. Just as they have been able to make it in their aim to serve man and country with a positive change,you also can. Never be perturbed. The truth is what matters.

I trust dear citizen,that today our passion to see mother Ghana,Africa and the world set on the right path has been re-ignited. The world needs you and I to make everything go on well,to make it safe and for all to be equally treated. Never let go of the great passion and dream to set new standards and make the truth hold in all things and at all times.

Best Regards;



Months or probably a year and more after this interview, Anas Aremyaw Anas true to his words have released this shocker in ‘Number 12’. A strong buffer to the fact that there is more coming just as he indicated indicated. The “more” is in two forms I believe; more investigative works from he and his team as well as more investigative journalists. We will get there because we can and we will.

Have a feel of this great song,’Asem Yi Di Ka’ by Dr. Ephraim Amu

Watch the passion-filled interview Anas Aremyaw Anas had with Jefferson Sackey


What do we do when things aren’t going the right way? Do we sit down and fold our arms and watch on as our future is destroyed when we are wide awake knowing the repercussions that follow? Obviously No!

Unfortunately that is how the story of our future seems to be. A lot of things are going on around us which will surely lead to a future that will be very hard but what do you and I do? Nothing. If this continues then the question I ask is “where are we heading to?”. I will add this; “What do you think about the future?” Well if you don’t dear citizen, then I entreat you to do so from now on because there are a lot of things that are going on that you and I need to stand up and fight for to be put in the right process and place.

The correct measures must be taken, the right steps must be followed. The right decisions must be made and the truth must be told.

Where are we heading to when chemically generated seeds are seeking to take a total overhaul of the market? It’s as if we have forgotten our good records in agriculture that all of a sudden we want to totally discard it. The question even is; “should we welcome such developments?” Absolutely no! Ghana boasts of vast lands that are very versatile in fertility for diverse crops; cereals,tubers,vegetables,fruits and what have you? So in what sense at all should we accept such a development? What worries a lot is how the health situation of the country will be like years after. This is surely a harm that you and I must prevent rather than cure,there is no need entering such a venture.
What even becomes of the government’s flagship project of “planting for food and jobs” whose sequel will be the famous “one district,one factory?”.

And what also is the point in having an economic plan whose rudiments are not well in place? I mean, if we are talking about encouraging the youths to get seriously involved in agriculture whiles we build factories that will definitely process what they produce but the roads that leads to them in the first place are in a deplorable state; what’s the point here? So you realize that a lot of things are in place but we must help put them in the right order? We must give the right oversight they have always taught us to be able to give.There are many more in diverse sectors that time will not allow us to touch on.

The point here is that “we must begin to look at things in a futuristic perspective”. Where are we heading to then if we aren’t doing that? Why do we have to sit down with folded arms when all of these interventions are definitely a benefit to you and I in future should they survive? But will they even survive when the basics of everything that will let them really survive are not in place? Maybe it is an oversight but that is why you and I must actively peruse and point them out. We must have in mind that the things that are being done now will have an effect on you and I in future when those who set the ball rolling are no more with us. Let’s ask ourselves if these effects will be good or bad and fight strongly and very well for what is good not only for us but those whose future we will be building as well. Let’s secure our future by making sure things are right now.

Our rich vegetation

Let’s secure our future by making sure things are right now.

Things might fail now, we will talk about them and loose valuable things but the future surely belongs to us and we must fight a good fight to secure a good one.

THE SIXTY YEARS STORY OF GHANA; What you and I must do.

Dear Citizen;

Today, the 6th of March,2018 marks exactly sixty-one years since Ghana celebrated it’s great day of emancipation. It also is the day we close curtains on our “60 Years On” remembrance.

Some sixty years on and Ghana has by all standards not reached the level it was expected to reach, seeing that we were the hope of Africa. The one country the whole Africa expected to move to higher heights and see ourselves walking and working in the prosperity of a goodwill we facilitated for ourselves. As we reflect over this, I want us to ask ourselves a question; What must or can you and I do to change the narration of “The Ghanaian Story” as it is stands now? How do we turn the narrative to one that, if our freedom fighters are to come today, they will not regret shedding their blood and toiling for our sake?

Today, I propose one solution. Just one. What you and I must do is to be “Solution Oriented”.

The solution is for us to be “SOLUTION ORIENTED”

Mother Ghana has had enough of you and I nagging all the time about what goes on around us. She weeps as her children, whom she has trained to always remember that they have a collective responsibility to put the house in order, are rather busy playing the blame game.

Let the “BLAME GAMES” Stop!

No one wants to take responsibility for what they should have done, No one wants to accept their mistakes. The talks and rhetorics have become too much; there has to be a change; a change that, like I always say, begins with you and I. That change is for us to move from complain oriented citizens to solution oriented citizens.

The rhetorics have become to much.

We always talk about made in Ghana forgetting that it begins with you and I. It begins with defining our systems and activities the true Ghanaian way. And what is the true Ghanaian way? It is the tolerance, unity, patriotism, shared responsibility and obeisance to each and every ground rule ‘Mama’ has set for us.

We must stop complaining about litters and solve the problem by properly disposing off every single litter that finds its way in our hands. Let us today rise up and make the famous “Ghana, our beloved country, free forever” come through by behaving responsibly on the roads, when buying the land, erecting that building, procuring those equipments for the national project, going through the right path to get all that you want. We must desist from doing all those things you and I know deep down in our hearts are not helping.

Let us today rise up and make the famous “Ghana, our beloved country, free forever” come through by behaving responsibly.….

Let us stop striking difference between which is “bad”, “worse” or “worst”. Let’s just respect the ground rules that have been laid.That is where the made in Ghana begins. That will be discipline made in Ghana, utmost truth made in Ghana and true Ghanaians made in Ghana.

Solution led discussions coupled with solid actions are the way out now. That is the only way we can end all our cries.

Best Regards;

Citizen Swanzy.